DLP-RFS1280** - 2.4GHz LoRa Transceiver Module
- With Ranging (Distance Measurement) Capability

DLP-RF430BP** - Dynamic NFC T4BT Platform BoosterPack
- compatible with Texas Instruments LaunchPads

DLP-7970ABP** - NFC/HF RFID BoosterPack
- 13.56MHz, ISO15693, ISO14443A/B, Felica RFID reader BoosterPack compatible with Texas Instruments LaunchPads as well as operating as an NFCIP-1, -2 device

DLP-RFID2** - RFID Reader / Writer
- 13.56MHz, Surface Mount Reader/Writer Module.

DLP-RFID2P** - RFID Reader / Writer
- 13.56MHz, USB Based Reader/Writer with LCD Display.

DLP-RFID1** - RFID Reader / Writer
- 13.56MHz, ISO15693 Compatible Reader/Writer

DLP-RFIDTAG - RFID Transponder Tags
- 10-pack of tags for use with the DLP-RFID1

DLP-RFID-LP8C - 8-Channel 13.56MHz RFID Reader / Writer
- For use with up to 8 external RFID antennas

DLP-FANT - Ferrite based RFID antenna
- Compact, short range 13.56MHz RFID antenna

DLP-RFID-ANT - 13.56MHz RFID Antenna with Coax
- Configured with a 15-foot coax and reverse polarity SMA connector for use with the DLP-RFID-LP8C


** Due to a generous quantity discount pricing structure, these
modules can be designed directly into your end product.
OEM pricing available. Call or email for details.

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